Between 3-5yrs children can be in the water without a parent as they are tall enough to stand in the water in the shallow end with the teacher. However, not all children are ready at 3yrs. We will evaluate each child individually and assess their confidence, cognitive ability to understand instruction etc. and most important is that the child must want mummy or daddy to get out and be happy to continue lessons with the teacher.


We will tell you when your child is ready and it will become apparent when they are.


At 3-5 yrs. your child will learn all basic arm and leg movements and continue to improve water skills developed during the toddler years. By the age of 4 yrs. some children can swim a number of recognised swimming strokes over 25m or more and “ importantly” our aim is that as many children as possible should be able to do this before they start school.

Q. How do we make this bold comment?


A. Through years of experience of teaching very young children and the total commitment of parents who believe in our methods and actually practice them whilst taking their little ones to the pools.