“Parents” the following information will start you off on an educational journey that you will not wish to miss.It involves the interaction of you and your child together, you will both learn how teaching swimming to a child is rewarding and sometimes mesmerising when you watch how they progress.

Welcome to our parent and baby section, we aim to introduce you to a fun water environment with your precious new born, we will show you the most up to date methods of introducing your child to a water environment that they are already familiar with. It is easy to forget that the baby spent the first 9 months of their lives in amniotic fluid in your tummy. It is normal, fun and safe if you learn the “Birth to Freestyle method “.


Common questions asked by parents prior to taking a baby to the pool.


Q. is it safe to take a baby swimming?


A. Yes, the NHS recommend that you take a baby to the swimming pool after the 4 month vaccinations, but if unsure ask your health visitor.


Q. What can we do in the mean time?


A. You can introduce a 0-4 month baby to water initially at bath-time, fill the bath with water between 32 and 37 degrees maximum. Using a thermometer to test the water temp is recommended. Lie your baby on its back in the water with ears submersed, support the head only to let her feel the body floating in the water. Sing nursery rhymes to him to make it a nice soothing experience, eg.” twinkle twinkle little star”. Lots of smiles, kisses and cuddles and even join your baby in the bath to increase the bonding experience.